This site is for the continued support of our friend Shane Roof. Its intention is to bring awareness to the Roof family through this troubled time and raise money so they can focus solely on Shane’s recovery.  Thank you for visiting and please support the Roof family. Together I know we can #RaiseRoof and provide hope to this family!

“On Saturday May 13th 2017 while mowing the lawn like any 14 year old boy, Shane Roof fell ill around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  His condition swiftly deteriorated and over a period of 8 hours Shane became paralyzed from the neck down.  He is currently at Norton Children’s Hospital (Kosair) in Louisville Kentucky on a ventilator, unable to breath on his own.  Physicians are still trying to diagnose the condition, but a spinal stroke seems to be the likely cause.  What we do know is that Shane and his family have a very long, difficult road ahead.

Shane is loved by his friends and girlfriend Parker at Johnson Traditional Middle School where he is on the honor roll.  He is looking forward to attending Male High School where he has already enrolled in advanced courses and the ROTC.  Prior to falling ill, Shane had completed paperwork to volunteer at the local VA hospital over the coming summer.  Shane loves basketball, hiking, camping, and fishing with his loving parents Alex and Darrell.

While we remain filled with hope for an eventual recovery, the Roof family is faced with a trying, expensive, long journey ahead.  I know Shane to be a strong and resilient young man equipped with the qualities needed to overcome this, if anyone can.  Any support to allow the family to focus all of their efforts on recovery, rather than life expenses would be a blessing.

Thank you very much!”

-Charlie Wilding